“I used to think that serving the Lord in church is a loss. This is because you will definitely lose a lot of time at home to go to meetings and even to prepare songs or events. As a matter of fact, I used to think that by serving we lose time, we lose energy and we lose money.

But actually those are exactly what we need to learn: we need to learn to give more. When we lack of resources (time, money and energy) that is the biggest opportunity for us to give to the Lord. Because i believe that when we give out of what we are lacking, God will see it as the most valuable offering for Him.

Moreover, by serving God, we are actually letting God to shape our character to the next level. Because by serving, we learn to give up our ego so that we can work together with others. There will definitely be heartaches and conflicts when we serve, but those are the things that shapes us so we know what God wants from us.” Tommy Koswara is an iClick leader and the music director and lead keyboardist for iPraise in ICC. He also takes major roles in passover events and also for the upcoming ICC Christmas event. He used to be in famous christian band “UX band” and performed in lots of places. He is blessed with one daughter with his wife Merry Ellen