“For me, praying is a mean of communicating. So when we pray we dont only just ask, but we also give thanks, ask questions and even share God how our day was in our prayers. Like a child to his father, that is how close we can be to our Heavenly Father.” “When we pray for someone (who is sick), it is a great joy when we found out that the person got healed. But whatever the outcome is we need to believe that God will always give the best. After all we are just God’s vessel, in the end it is God who does everything.” Ida is the department head of iPray in ICC. She also serves as a sunday school teacher at iKids (champion class). She loves travelling and going on a food adventure.

If you would like to be prayed, you can write in a paper and put it to the We Pray for You box located at IPC hall or you can give us a call at …, Ida and the ipray team will then pray for you.