“I was pursuing my career in ice skating and serving the Lord with my dancing at Shekinah Glory when suddenly something big happened in my life: I broke my leg.
This incident made me ask God about what He wants from me. I mean I was serious in serving God by dancing but then why are You giving me a broken leg?
That was when God then somehow put a vision in me…a vision about hundreds and hundreds of young people serving the Lord with all their passion and all their strength in Jesus.
I then tried to reconfirm and reconfirm again with God and after some affirmations, i decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a full time job at ICC”.

Gaby is a regular speaker at ION (ICC Youth). She is also a full time staff in ICC with focus on the mission department (iCanServe). During her skating career, she has won several trophies in figure skating and performed internationally.