I could have never imagined that God will take me and my business this far. God really takes my Wedding Organizer business from glory to glory, always to a higher level.

If I look behind, i realized that my growth in my business is somehow always in accordance with my growth in spiritual life in ICC. There are so many values in ICC that becomes a blessing for me because I apply it in my daily worklife. As I apply the values in my business, my business grows and grows even more.

One of the values that I always apply is to give the best even when we are lacking of the thing we want to give. Despite my busy schedule on Saturday and Sundays as Wedding Organizer, i always try my best to give my time for the Lord. My passion is really to show others that your busy-ness and tight schedule is not an excuse to serve the Lord.” Erwin Terahadi is one of our board leadership in ICC. He also heads the iPraise department. His wedding organizer company Testimo is now the hottest and one of the most wanted wedding organizer in Bandung. But despite his busy schedule, you can see him leading worship at ICC on sundays.