Success is when our lives becomes a blessing to others and we become a positive influence for them.

When we are given 1 talent, or 2, or 5, we need to work on them so we will be able to give more to God, who is the talent-giver Himself.
Our talents are not merely about wealth and good career, of which our responsibility will be asked by God one day. This is more about sharing what we have, in order to become a blessing or benefit for others, which eventually will give God all the glory.

Let everything that we have be optimally shared for others, to benefit people around us, and especially to bring glory to God’s name.” Beny is an active iPraise member (Worship Leader) and has won the Best iPraise worker two years in a row. He also leads an iClick called Korea (Kopo Area). He is holding a prominent position at the Yogya Group. If you live in Kopo area and have not joined an iClick, you should join his iClick.